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Antique and New Retro Refrigerators

by Scott J

Antique Refrigerator

Antique refrigerators may not be as energy efficient in a garage application as new model. However, you may be able to find and operational unit at a used appliance shop for very little money. A new coat a paint and a door seal may be all that is needed to having a good looking functional unit. A check of the local classifieds may also unearth a good deal. There are hundreds of appliance bone yards where you may find a repairable unit or parts. A recent search of the auction site EBay unearthed several refrigerators, including a retro looking functional Philco at a mere $ 199.00.

If you can easily spare several thousand dollars, you may wish to purchase a ready to run restored refrigerator or a new unit.

Antique Garage Refrigerator

Jowers Antique Appliances specializes in the restoration of vintage appliances. All of Antique Appliances refrigerators receive new wiringinsulation, and a complete mechanical overhaul.

If a customer wishes, they can install a new mechanical system. Standard mechanical parts are then used that any good repairman can fix. If an authentic fully restore original is your desire, you have to visit their Antique Refrigerators for the Vintage Retro Themed Garage here…  They are located in Clayton, GA and their phone number is (706) 782-3132.

Another place to treasure hunt for unrestored and restored antique refrigerators is Carolinas Antique  Appliances.  They have been in business 20 years and have units in stock to sell or can fix and restore yours.   Their services include Re-chroming, Re-enameling, Deep Cleaning and more!

They are based in East Los Angeles California and you can give them a call at (323) 780-2810 or (323) 854-2810.

Modern Antique Style Refrigerator Kegerator

New Retro Refrigerators

If only a new nostalgic refrigerator will do, check out Elmira’s Northstar 1950’s Reproduction Refrigerator. This beautiful fridge comes in several sizes starting at 18 cubic foot.  An entire line of retro appliances is manufactured in Canada by Elmira StoveWorks .   

There are several models with  Top or a bottom freezer and are available in 8 colors – Robin’s Egg Blue, Flamingo Pink, Mint Green, Buttercup Yellow, Candy Red, Quicksilver, White and Black. Options include an icemaker and left hand opening door. See more Northstar Refrigerators HERE.  There’s even an awesome version offered with a built-in Kegerator

Big Chill Fridge offers some full size and under counter 50’s style retro refrigerators too. The under counter would look sweet under