by Scott J

Garage Refrigerator

There’s not very many appliances you’ll find handy in the garage, however there is one you should not live without. This must have appliance is the Garage Refrigerator. Nothing beats having convenient access to cold frosty beverages while working on your project in the garage. Not to mention, the garage refrigerator is real handy when the wife embarks on a mega grocery-shopping trip. I currently have an antique Borg Warner Customatic running in my garage. A garage may also be a good place to accommodate a freezer.

Now you may wonder about the severe temperature fluctuations in a garage environment. Most modern day energy star certified refrigerators are not designed to be used in a garage. However, after reading countless testimonials there is not a large problem if the garage temperature remains above 38 ℉ (3℃) . GE recommends their refrigerators be placed only in rooms where temperatures range between 60 & 110 ℉, and some manufacturers could void your warranty if used in a garage so read the warranty prior to purchase if you can. Note: Check manufacturers warranty. Manufacturer may specify min/max air temperature.

You can read more about the problems with having a refrigerator in the garage here.