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Storage Systems

Wall Control offers an innovative twist on the old peg board design with beautiful metal garage storage wall panels that come ...

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Door Manufacturers

Whether shopping for a New Garage Door or if you are a Garage Door Dealer looking for a new wholesale ...

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Moisture Testing

Garage Floor Moisture Testing Methods Concrete moisture vapor emission is a natural occurrence of any concrete slab.  Concrete is a porous ...

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Garage Door Insulation

Insulating your garage door means more than just attaching some Styrofoam to the back of the door.  Proper garage door insulation also ...

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Why Coatings Fail

Why Garage Floor Coatings Fail There are many horror stories of do-it-yourself epoxy floor coating jobs gone terribly wrong.  The stories ...

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Walkthru Doors

A WalkThru Garage Door offers quite a number of helpful benefits and features designed for the work place as well as your ...

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Garage Fridge Problems

I am often asked the question "can you have a refrigerator in the garage?" The answer is yes, no and ...

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Liftmaster 3800 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Review

Liftmaster 3800 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Note:  the 3800 series is being replaced by the 8500 LiftMaster Elite Series® Wall Mount ...

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