Garage Plans

by Scott J

Several web sites offer Garage Plans to purchase and it’s a great way to get ideas.  Our garage plan page provides a small sample of our favorite plans to stir your imagination.

So what type of garage fits your needs?

Are you the Drive in/Drive out type? You drive your car into the garage and shut the door. You have a few tools, a bicycle, and your lawnmower in there too. You prefer simple organization. Take a look at this basic plan with good storage space for your gear.

Do you have a hobby that requires some storage space or work area? Your garage serves multiple purposes including parking the car, storing tools that are easily accessible, storing larger equipment or supplies, and you need a comfortable work area. For the Hobbyist I’d recommend a design like this spacious garage. The plan offers a totally separate room you can use an office or wood working shop. Hey, I would rebuild engines in there! The center of the garage is e x t r a deep to fit your SUV, and it even has a bathroom and sink.

Do you have a Mother-in-law that visits often or live in a popular
area getting frequent friends and family using your home as a vacation resort? Your new garage apartment plan can help you keep your sanity and save your marriage! This tidy 2 car complete apartment plan offers 760 sq. ft of living space. I personally like a little more space and this 3 + car beauty with 928 sq. ft. of apartment space fits my needs.

Are your kids getting to the age when their toys are almost as big as yours?  The Kid-Space garage is what you need.  Not only do you need a spot for your car but your little guy has a battery operated Ferrari that needs a spot too including space for his “tools”. This 30′ x 50′ 3-car garage with loft has lot’s of extra space.

Or, do you practically live in your garage? You wouldn’t think twice about pulling out the lawn chairs and entertaining your friends in the garage.  As a matter of fact you’d have a full service bar in there if you had the room. Now that’s really kool! If you’re the ‘Live-in-your-garage‘ guy then you have to see my Dream Garage Design.  This 3 car monster has a separate storage room, a 3/4 bath and a great game room upstairs.  Think of all the noise you can make in here without disturbing the family. Two doors to the back yard and a balcony ice the cake.

When searching for garage plans, keep in mind that some companies will offer one or two revisions to the plans at no charge.  Some guarantee your approval of a building permit.  A good set of detailed plans may cost several hundred dollars.  Don’t be afraid however to purchase less expensive garage plans that may lack a few features.  A local builder or architect may be able to modify them with considerations to your local building codes for a reasonable charge.

Most plan sites I have seen only offer garage plans for 1, 2, or 3 car garages.  If you are in the market for a “massive 5 car + collecting garage”, I recommend either with over 100 garage plans available. They even satisfy the collector with their 6 car plans!

Just Garage Plans let’s you search by Auto Lift Garages, RV, workshop, boat storage, apartment, and many other criteria.

Here are my favorite sites for great garage plans:

The Garage Plan Shop has a great selection to choose from including RV Garage Plans!

At Just Garage Plans you can find garage plans to accomidate auto lifts and even custom plan modifications made.

Archway Press since 1946. Custom garage designs.

Architectural Designs – Another Company selling plans for over 40 years.

Behm Design plans are IRC (International Residential Code) building code compliant and guaranteed usable for building permit in most locations or your money back.

They also have a Garage building estimator to help you plan your garage.

Sometimes all you really need is a storage shed to clean all the clutter out of your existing garage.  Here’s the best shed plans I’ve found.

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