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Organize Your Garage with StoreWALL and More!

StoreWALL is a tough composite slotted wall panel designed for extreme organization. It is similar to slatwall used in retail stores to organize and display numerous products in a small space.  StoreWALL can organize your garage the same way. What’s unique about storeWALL is the ability to handle heavy loads and resists moisture. StoreWALL is waterproof and weatherproof for use indoors or out.  A perfect storage solution for a tidy garage or carport.

A complete selection of hooks, baskets,cabinets and shelves are available that securely attach to the storeWALL paneling. My favorite accessory is the Sports BasketStorewall Garden BasketThe sports basket organizes bats, gloves, and stores a complete assortment of balls up off the ground. My kids like the skate rack to keep their roller blades and protective gear within easy reach.  The garden rack has a handy removable basket to help gather your bounty.

Attractive storeWALL panels are available in two shades of white, weathered gray, cedar and pine wood finishes. However, the true beauty of storeWALL lies in the modular expanse of storage space it creates that quickly rearranges according to your needs.  Not just a pretty sight in the garage, these panels in the pantry, closet, storage shed, office, poolside, or wherever organized storage is needed.

StoreWALL panels feature a tongue and groove design for easy installation.  Attach storeWALL to any common building material such as: wood or metal studs, drywall, or concrete block. Color matching screws or the optional HangUps hidden fasteners provide a clean installation. Use common wood working tools to get the job done.

You can panel the entire wall or install just enough to cover your storage needs