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Rugged Buddy Portable Storage Cabinet

Blue Diamond Storage CabinetThe Rugged Buddy® Blue Diamond line of affordable portable storage carts provides optimal space for a variety of garage and trailer gear. The durable polished Aluminum Diamond Plate and Powder Coated Finish are tough enough for the garage, yet light enough to easily transport.

I have found so many uses for my Blue Diamond Carts that I have to mention a few here.

The Detailers Dream

No more running back and forth to the garage.  All of your supplies can be stored in the Blue Diamond Portable Storage Cart and quickly wheeled to your work area. I really like the idea of having everything from engine degreaser to fabric cleaner all in one handy location (anywhere you need it)! I cranked out a complete detail job on three vehicles in record time. portable-storage-cartMy supplies used to be scatter around the garage on different shelves and stuffed in wall cabinets.  Never again….now that I’m mobile with the Rugged Buddy Blue Diamond Storage Cart.

I use the large 54″ tall cart for my detailing supplies because I have a lot of stuff.  The cabinet accommodates it all by storing my orbital buffer, polisher, waxes, favorite cleaners, leather conditioner, rags, lubricants, wash supplies and more. My concept of a detailed auto includes making sure the locks and hinges are lubed, the vents are clean of debris, and everything is restored to shiny new. My complete detail job requires a variety of tools and products all easily stored in my Portable Storage Cabinet.

portable-storage-cabinetFor the ultimate in portability it’s the Speedster! HoweverI’m not sure if they are still making this one.  It’s small size, dolly wheels, and telescoping handle make the Speedster perfect tag-along for your special events. Haul your detail supplies to the car show, remote controlled models to the race, swap meet stuff to the sale, or your mess kit to the picnic. With the top tray lid in place, the 18″ height also makes a great seat!

In the Toy Hauler

You can store your families riding gear inside the 42″ or 54″ tall Cart. These mobile carts work great in the toy hauler. They are light weight, yet beefy enough to transport all your riding gear. Boots, helmets, chest protectors, gloves, goggles and more are securely stowed …..ready for action in a moments notice. The locking doors secure your cargo while your motoring down the road. The casters also lock, however do not expect them to keep it put. You will want to replace the handles with something more sturdy to secure the cabinet to the trailer with a suitable tie-down.

Hard at Work

Garage Detailer uses a 30″ tall Blue Diamond Storage Cart to take our most often used tools to the job site. You may find that your power tool sets fit right inside the Rugged Buddy. Stock up you cordless tools and installation supplies and simply wheel the cart to where you are working (not recommended for heavy items). An optional laminate work surface or tray top also comes in handy at the work site.

How about the Kids

If you have kids like mine (2 boys), you undoubtedly have the never-ending supply of sporting goods about the garage. Imagine my delight when the boys confiscated a Rugged Buddy and loaded it full of roller blades, helmets, balls and mitts. I have to admit – I’m not the only one who loves these carts.  I see they also loaded all their airsoft artillary and safety gear on a shelf too.

Even my wife thinks they are cool!

Look out guys – your wife might too! I hope she is only joking, but I fully expect to find my riding gear on the floor one day and my awesome cartstuffed full of gardening supplies. Potting soil, fertilizer, seeds, gardening gloves, and those miniature “troll sized” shovels and rakes would all fit nicely. I can see her – wheeling the cart around the yard and using the top tray as a potting bench. Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all.

So what’s not to like?

Well I would replace the somewhat wimpy side handles with a stout fold down model. This will allow the Blue Diamond Carts to fit closer together along the garage wall, while providing an anchor point for when they go totally mobile.

Also, the doors may be a bit tricky to slide into their hidden position if you forget to grasp them by the center when operating. This however becomes easy habit after just a few uses.

Rugged Budy Blue Diamond Portable Storage CartsI found these portable storage carts to be easy to assemble, affordable, light-weight, durable storage. I highly recommend you add Rugged Buddy Cabinets to your garage storage arsenal. 

Scott Jarvis
President – Garage Detailer

If you have an interesting use for your Blue Diamond Portable Storage Cart, we would love to hear about it. Just drop us a line (and an action photo if possible) using our contact form here.

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