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How much does a Garage Fridge Cost to Run?


It’s true that a garage refrigerator works much harder to maintain proper temperature and this will cause an increase in your utility bill. How much of an increase depends upon a variety of factors such as:Energy Star Garage Refigerator

  • How full of food your fridge is kept
  • The age of the refrigerator
  • The condition of the door seals
  • The variance of external temperature
  • KW cost in your local

Refrigerators built prior to 1993 could use as much as 3 times the energy than a newer Energy Star Certified fridge.

My personal experience is $5-$10 a month cost to run my garage refrigerator, and she’s an old beast! I view the additional expense a small price to pay for the convenience I receive. To determine how much it costs to run your second fridge, check out the Energy Star web site where you’ll find this handy calculator. The energy cost calculator shows how much money you could save by upgrading your refrigerator to a newer Energy Star rated model.


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