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Weatherseals - Fasteners - Accessories - Door Hardware - Storm Shield - Excalibur Aluminum Threshold - Custom Products

Action Industries, Ltd/East
12625 Berea Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44111
Phone: 1.800.321.1130
Phone: 216.252.7800
Fax: 888.329.7880
Fax: 216.252.7880

Action Industries, Ltd/West
7815 South Hardy Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone: 480-422-3051
Fax: 480-214-0081

Action Industries, Ltd/South
4998 South Royal Atlanta Dr, Suite A
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 770-939-2001
Fax: 770-939-2021


Window Frames - Controls / Electrical - Fasteners - Hardware - Lubricants - Tools - Weatherseal - Carriage Door - Window Design Trim

National Door Industries, Inc.
6310 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76117
Phone: 817-834-7300
Fax: 817-831-8812

Toll Free: 800-628-3667

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
7:30am CST – 5:00pm CST

These guys were super hard to find, but being in the industry has it’s perks. Now you know too!

National Door Industries manufactures those Decorative Window Inserts and Frames for many of the garage doors that are sold in the US. These are hard to find and many of the Garage Door Manufacturers do not carry replacement stock for older doors they made. Check with National as they may still have what you need in stock.

National also wholesales many of the components you’ll find on a garage door such as hinges, door handles and hardware, and even lubricant.

CW Garage Door Distribution, Inc.
PO Box 245
104 Trent Drive
Woodville, WI 54028


CW Garage Door

CW Garage Door Distribution - garage window inserts

This is another good place to find Window Inserts and Decorative Glass Windows, complete wood and steel door assemblies, door openers, and more.

GDP International Trade Co.,Ltd. – Garage Door Manufacturers Garage door parts manufacturer in Ningbo China supplying Rollers, Bearings, Pulleys, Hinges, Aluminum Drums, Spring fittings, Chain Hoist, Brackets & Angles, Tracks, Handles and Locks. Products exported to USA, Canada,Eurpoe, New Zealand and Australian market.