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Wall Control garage wall storage systemWall Control offers an innovative twist on the old peg board design with beautiful metal garage storage wall panels that come in several colors.  Here’s a well thought out design offering a complete organization system for your tools, garden supplies, paints, hobby center and more.  I’ve recently installed Wall Controls tool center above my Gladiator workbench and love it! 

So why is it so revolutionary?  The holes are all a mixture of slats and holes allowing the addition of interchangeable shelveshooks and accessories designed to stay firmly in place.  They stay put when you grab a tool……unlike the pegboard I threw in the trash.

Made in the USA from 20 gauge galvanized steel and scratch resistant galvanized finish, these panels are built tough to last a lifetime.  The flange is plenty deep too at 3/4″,  easily accommodating  various 1/4″ pegboard hardware.

Make the most of your work bench by organizing your most commonly accessed tools and supplies with Wall Control storage centers.  They are perfect for the garage, workshop, laundry room, and shed.

There are a variety of accessories available including shelves, paper towel holder, trays, hooks and more.  Some accessories can even be ordered in complementary colors. The kit shown here includes 2 metal pegboard panels which can be mounted to wall studs or to drywall using the included anchors. This Wall Control Kit is very affordable at less than $55 including free shipping.  It comes with a hammer and screwdriver holder, a shelf assembly, Three plastic parts bins and 15 assorted peg hooks. The shelf and bins are available in blue, white, red, or black.

Wall Control Master Workbench Set

The Master kit has all the accessories to keep your favorite tools close at hand on the wall.  Mount this kit above your workbench for the ultimate organized system.Wall Control Master Workbench Kit

Your friends will drool too!


Storage Panels

Organize Your Garage with StoreWALL and More!

StoreWALL is a tough composite slotted wall panel designed for extreme organization. It is similar to slatwall used in retail stores to organize and display numerous products in a small space.  StoreWALL can organize your garage the same way. What’s unique about storeWALL is the ability to handle heavy loads and resists moisture. StoreWALL is waterproof and weatherproof for use indoors or out.  A perfect storage solution for a tidy garage or carport.

A complete selection of hooks, baskets,cabinets and shelves are available that securely attach to the storeWALL paneling. My favorite accessory is the Sports BasketStorewall Garden BasketThe sports basket organizes bats, gloves, and stores a complete assortment of balls up off the ground. My kids like the skate rack to keep their roller blades and protective gear within easy reach.  The garden rack has a handy removable basket to help gather your bounty.

Attractive storeWALL panels are available in two shades of white, weathered gray, cedar and pine wood finishes. However, the true beauty of storeWALL lies in the modular expanse of storage space it creates that quickly rearranges according to your needs.  Not just a pretty sight in the garage, these panels in the pantry, closet, storage shed, office, poolside, or wherever organized storage is needed.

StoreWALL panels feature a tongue and groove design for easy installation.  Attach storeWALL to any common building material such as: wood or metal studs, drywall, or concrete block. Color matching screws or the optional HangUps hidden fasteners provide a clean installation. Use common wood working tools to get the job done.

You can panel the entire wall or install just enough to cover your storage needs


Garage Wall Hangers




Garage Wall Cabinets

Coming soon – Garage Storage Wall Cabinet

There are several choices when selecting cabinets to mount on your garage wall.  Cabinets may be constructed of Metal (steel or aluminum), Plastic, or Wood.  We will be featuring the best garage wall cabinets here shortly so please check back.


Installing Wall Storage Cabinets


Attic Lifts


Attic Door Insulation

Attic Tent?

When I first saw this I thought “what’s the big deal?”. It appears to just be a polyester zip-up cover. But my curiosity peaked when I saw it had over 35 Amazon positive reviews. Some even said it’s the “Best Seal for a Huge money Eating Hole in Your Ceiling”.

AtticTent AT-2

Home owners like it’s flexible to conforms to any crazy surface your attic may have. The zippered access makes easy entry and this sytem seals tightly, adequately sealing the attic from your conditioned space. Some users report a $20-$30 monthly energy savings.

See the Attic Tent AT-2 reviews here.

Battic Door R-50 Access Insulator

This may appear as simply a cardboard box shaped to fit your attic stairs opening but it does provide the greatest insulating property from all the products. A R-50 Reflective Insulation protects your home from extreme attic temperatures. Battic offers a selection of unique insulating products including an ingenoius inflatable fireplace plug “Draftstopper” and a Whole House Attic Fan Cover.

Purchase Battic Door Attic Access Door Insulation Kit here.

Below is a video highlighting the Battic Door and some of Battic’s other energy draft stopping products.

Battic Attic Door & Draft Stopping Products Video

Owens Corning Attic Stairway Insulator

Owens Corning Attic Access Cover

Although this attic access insulator checks in at only a R-10 insulating value, the real value is in the price of this option. It would be easy to add an additional layer of insulation or reflective foil to this cover for even greater thermal properties.

Most insulating access covers cost between $100 and $200. The Owens Corning model cost just a bit north of $50 and is super easy to install, just unfold and you are ready to go.

Free Shipping @ shopnow


DIY Attic Access Cover

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer who enjoys the thrill of accomplishment while saving money? This short video shows you exactly how to build your own insulated box to provide and energy saving seal to your attic space.



DIY Attic Access Box

Duck Brand Attic Door Tent

Attic Tent Cover

Here’s a great option if you are on a budget. If you can pitch a tent, you will have the Attic Tent by Duck Brands ready to install in just a few seconds. It’s basically a small lightly insulated nylon tent.

Designed not to interfere with attic ladders, but you may have a bit aggravation (as with most products) trying to position the tent while closing an access cover if you don’t have a pull down ladder.



Attic Access